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Capsure sync

Notes: The Mac version is updated to support OS (this version is NOT compatible with Mac OS please use CAPSURE Sync v for legacy. How to Synchronize CAPSURE with CAPSURE Sync. Before using CAPSURE the first time, please make sure to synchronize it online with the CAPSURE sync. CAPSURE Sync v, file synchronization utility program.

How do I sync CAPSURE to CAPSURE sync software? Detailed instructions are provided at the X-Rite Web site. Note: the instructions and screen shots are for. The CAPSURE Sync utility is used to keep your CAPSURE instrument up to date with the latest features and color collections by synchronizing. The CAPSURE. Address, 44th St. SE. City, Grand Rapids. State, MI. Zip, Country, UNITED STATES. Business Phone, Web Site,

The Capsure sync programme can be downloaded directly from X-Rite select PC or Free download CAPSURE Sync forMacOSX. CAPSURE Sync is an application that helps you measure colors.