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Rhino 1.7r2

Java API for Continuations. Rhino has supported Continuations for some time now, but there wasn't a great way to interact with continuations from Java. With Rhino R2, methods in pastelesdefondantgdl.comt allow for control from Java. See also Rhino downloads. Rhino R2, , New in Rhino R2 ยท pastelesdefondantgdl.com Rhino R1, , New in Rhino R1. Rhino is an open-source implementation of JavaScript written entirely in Java. It is typically embedded into Java applications to provide scripting to end users.

Hi, As a part of GDPR compliance exercise we are trying to assess the vulnerabilities present in Mozilla Rhino Javascript engine, version. The majority of Rhino is MPL / GPL dual licensed: The Mozilla Public License (pastelesdefondantgdl.com). Rhino is free software from Mozilla. You can download a copy from http://www. pastelesdefondantgdl.com Rhino version r2 implements ECMAScript 3 plus a number .

[technology-pmc] [CQ ] Mozilla Rhino Version: R2 (PB Orbit CQ). From: [email protected]; Date: Mon, 13 Feb (EST) . Changelog. rhino (R) unstable; urgency=low [ Marcus Better ] * Updated package descriptions. [ Matthias Klose ] * (Build-)depend on. I'm using Mozilla Rhino r2 (not the JDK version), and I want to call a JS function from Java. My JS function is like this: function abc(x,y) { return x+y } How do I.