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SECOND TERM SSI SCHEME OF WORK – FURTHER MATHS. WEEK 1 Sequences and series. Definition of terms. A.P. nth term of an A.P. Senior School > SS1 > Elective Subjects > Further Mathematics. First Term: FIRST TERM. WEEK CONTENTS. 1. Quadratic equations. a. Factorization method. b. Past questions and answers on 5 Ss1 further mathematics jamb, GCE, on all subjects including english past questions, maths past questions, biology past.

FURTHER MATHS SCHEME. CLASS: SS1. SN. TOPICS. BREAKDOWN/ ANALYSIS. EMPHASIS. 1. SETS. THEORY. -Definition, terms associated with sets e.g. Introduction We define the notation 22 as "two squared" or the square of two" or " two raised to the power of 2" and it means 2 x 2. i.e. 22 = 2 x 2. SS1 SCHEME OF WORK FIRST TERM FOR / SESSION. SUBJECT: RADIO .. SUBJECT: PHYSICS SS1 .. SUBJECT: FURTHER MATHEMATICS.

Book List for SS1 to SS3 - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read for SS1,SS2&SS3 FURTHER MATHS Further Mathematics project Books Further Mathematics is the title given to a number of advanced secondary mathematics courses To achieve an A level in Further Maths, candidates must study six modules which have not already been used for their Maths A level. These six. GPART presents solved further mathematics past questions for students (SS), JAMBITES, colleges, universities and those interested in.